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  • Continuing the development of international scientific standards and methodology for coding of microbial strain and species data for computer uses, including programs for entering, managing, analyzing, and reporting of such data.
  • Developing and teaching courses on the use of informatics by scientists and technologists, with specific subject matter content from the disciplines concerned.
  • Designing regional scientific networks for intra- and inter-regional science and technology information transfers.
  • Facilitating the formation of special scientific and technological interest groups (SIGs) in areas affecting sustainable development, such as public health, environmental safety, agriculture and food safety, biodiversity conservation, biosafety and bioremediation, microbial biomass conversion, and public interest oversight and governmental regulation.
  • Consulting and technical assistance on sustainable development projects, with special emphasis on the integration of informatics systems development; good laboratory, culture collection and data management practices; the development of safety regulations; and the design or adaptation of computer programs for the projects.

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