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MICRO-IS 5.10.0000 Installation Downloads

     The MICRO-IS download is an installation executable. If your firewall prevents downloading executables from the internet, contact Bionomics International Support for help in resolving the problem.  The download is password protected. Contact Bionomics International Support for the password.

     Please read the License Agreement before downloading MICRO-IS.

     Read the instructions in the README1ST.TXT and INSTRUCTIONS.TXT file before attempting the download and installation procedure.  Follow the instructions. If you experience difficulty in downloading the installation file, contact Bionomics International Support.

     Click here to download a previous version of MICRO-IS


README1ST.TXT file which contains important information on installing MICRO-IS 5.21.0000.  Should read before downloading and installing Version 5.21.0000 of MICRO-IS.


Read me file for MICRO-IS 5.21.0000. Contains information on bug fixes and added features.  A copy is also installed in the Docs subdirectory of the MICRO-IS installation directory.


Instructions for downloading and installing MICRO-IS..


MICRO-IS 5.21.0000 Beta Version Download.

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