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How do I install a new version of MICRO-IS without overwritting my current versions of the System RKC Thesaurus and Synonym Thesaurus?

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Copy the current System RKC Thesaurus and Synonym Thesaurus using the Copy function under the File main menu item. You can also copy theese files using the windows explorer. Once the files are copied to backup directors, install the new version of MICRO-IS. After installing the new version of MICRO-IS, copy the backup versions of the RKC Thesaurus and Synonym Thesaurus to their original locations.
       An alternative is to use the update patches to update your current version of MICRO-IS.  The update patches normally update specific components of the MICRO-IS System. Read the readme file for the update patch for a list of files updated.


What is the major difference between Version 5.x of MICRO-IS and previous versions (4.x)?


Starting with Version 5, the underlying database engine used by MICRO-IS is MySQL. MySQL is a relational database management system which is highly portable.  Another advantage to using MySQL is the number of software tools available to develop stand alone applications.

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